Jul 21, 2004
ludic [7.4.04]

ludic \LOO-dik\, adjective:
   Of or relating to play; characterized by play; playful.

     There's  only  one  problem:  her mother. Who, being a
     substantial executive, has a somewhat different attitude to
     the  worth  of  the  professions  than  her  wastrel, ludic

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collegial [7.3.04]

collegial \kuh-LEE-jee-uhl; -juhl\, adjective:
   1.  Characterized  by  or  having  authority or responsibility
   shared equally by each of a group of colleagues.
   2.  Characterized  by equal sharing of authority especially by
   Roman Catholic bishops.
   3. Of or relating to a college or university; collegiate.
   4. Characterized by camaraderie among colleagues.

     His  eccentricities  were  easily accommodated in the...
     collegial climate.

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agon [7.2.04]

agon \AH-gahn; ah-GOHN\,
   plural agones \uh-GOH-neez\ noun:
   A  struggle  or  contest;  conflict;  especially  between  the
   protagonist and antagonist in a literary work.

     It is the irresolvable love-hate agon between men and women
     that drives all cultures.

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tete-a-tete [7.1.04]

tete-a-tete \TAYT-uh-TAYT; TET-uh-TET\, adjective:
   Private; confidential; familiar.

   1. A private conversation between two people.
   2. A short sofa intended to accommodate two persons.

     Once  you have a couple of offers in hand, ask the boss for
     a tete-a-tete.

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misprize [6.30.04]

misprize \mis-PRYZ\, transitive verb:
   1. To hold in contempt.
   2. To undervalue.

     Or  did  he  misprize  such  fidelity  and harden his heart
     against so great a love as hers?

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quisling [6.29.04]

quisling \KWIZ-ling\, noun:
   Someone  who  collaborates  with an enemy occupying his or her
   country; a traitor.

     In  the  clutches  of Herod, a quisling whom even his Roman
     paymasters    despise,    John    is   an   all-too-perfect
     personification  of  Israel  under  Roman  rule  abetted by
     Jewish collaboration.

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nolens volens [6.28.04]

nolens volens \NO-lenz-VO-lenz\:
   Whether unwilling or willing.

     After all, I'm not sure that I'm so angry with them, for it
     means  that  now  you've got to remain here indefinitely --
     nolens volens.

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peccant [6.27.04]

peccant \PEK-unt\, adjective:
   1. Sinning; guilty of transgression.
   2. Violating a rule or a principle.

     The peccant fellow is John, who cheats, or tries to cheat,
     on his wife.

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wooltathering [6.26.04]

woolgathering \WOOL-gath-(uh)-ring\, noun:
   Indulgence in idle daydreaming.

     Plagued  by  guilt,  they  took  refuge in wine, women, and

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ab ovo [6.25.04]

ab ovo \ab-OH-voh\, adverb:
   From the beginning.

     The performers do not have to discover these techniques and
     processes  ab  ovo;  they  learn  them  from  the  previous
     generation,  who  learned them from their predecessors, and
     so on.

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